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Sorry for the overdue post of pictures from the SATC movie premiere. Norman has been bugging me saying that I haven’t updated it here they are… BTW…the movie was amazing!!! From the opening of “Labels or Love” by Fergie to the fabulous wardrobe the ladies wore (200 altogether and SJP had 81 outfit changes) […]

Every Thursday in May, Pearl Ultralounge hosts “Countdown to Sex”, which is a countdown to the release of the Sex and the City movie. Attendees can enjoy cocktails named after the SATC characters, watch episodes of the hit series and win fabulous prizes. So of course, Leilani, Audrey and myself wanted to check it out […]

My favorite ladies are coming to town on May 30th!!! Yes..Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha – the infamous ladies from “Sex and the City”! This long awaited reunion comes four years after the series wrapped up in 2004. And throughout the four years, there have been many talks of doing a reunion movie and finally, […]