Sorry for the delayed post, but since Fanny Pak isn’t on the show anymore, I am not excited as much for ABDC. But this past episode was the final showdown between H-town’s “SoReal Cru” and Vegas’ “Super Cr3w”. Each group had to come up with three dance routines – around the world challenge, original dance craze and their own last chance performance. 

The show felt kind of different without Fanny Pak, so I kept flipping channels between ABDC and the Olympics. But overall, I thought both crews gave a good performance and I think it’s really hard to say which crew will win this season especially since both have such a large large fan base. Although I will always and forever wish that Fanny Pak was still there. Yeah, I’m slowly recovering. 

Here are my thoughts:

Around the world challenge: This one goes to Super Cr3w, since I thought their performance was very creative with how they incorporated the different dances from Africa, Latin America, Caribbean, and India. That move that Vex and Rockadile did (don’t know the name, but the one where they were cross legged) was crazy. Super Cr3w pulled a lot of crazy bboy moves that this challenge totally goes to them! As for SoReal Cru, their performance seemed out of sync and it was totally out of their element. But I give them a few points for trying though. 

Original dance craze: The challenge for this performance was for the crews to create a dance move that anyone can do. Super Cr3w’s dance craze was “Throw the S to the chest” and SoReal’s was “Smash it Up”. I loved Super Cr3w’s hook, but like what the judges said, not everyone can attempt to do their bboy dance moves, therefore, SoReal’s corny, but yet, catchy “Smash it Up” line mixed with their “explosion” handshake takes one for the team. 

Last chance challenge: This dance challenge was their final performance and each crew got to choose any song they want. Super Cr3w chose “Give It Up, Turn It Loose” by James Brown and SoReal Cru chose “A Milli” by Lil’ Wayne. And I must say in Shane Spark’s favorite quote, SoReal Cru “ripped it”. Loved how they totally called out Super Cr3w twice during their performance (as Hannibal Lecter eating them & pointing at the banner to the words “drop em”). They picked the right song and it was bumpin’ right from the beginning. This was SoReal Cru’s best performance of the season! As for Super Cr3w, they represented for their bboy family and showed off their bboy skills to the T, but I think SoReal took this one. 

Can’t wait for next week’s final episode since Fanny Pak will be back! But it’s time to hear what you guys think of this past episode and your thoughts on who might win this season for ABDC.


Just got done watching the episode along with the rerun of ABDC on MTV and I am too bummed to write a blog about tonight’s show. All I have to say is that Fanny Pak got robbed and they should have been in the top 2! 

But for now, feel free to leave any comments or thoughts on tonight’s episode. Thanks!

Loves It


With the recent McCain ad comparing Obama with celebrities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on whether or not he can lead the world, Paris Hilton decided to fire back at McCain paid for by

Here’s the McCain ad just to refresh your memory…

And click here for Paris Hilton’s ad…

Kudos to Paris and for this funny clip.

So would you guys vote for Paris?


Fanny Pak totally showed America that they deserved to be in the top 3 by giving their BEST and HOTTEST performance yet!!! There’s no denying that this group killed it tonight!  They even got the first standing O from the judges! Yay for the underdogs! From their crazy outfits and hair to their creative choreography and tricks to the red tape and the red paint! Everything was to the T!  

Super Cr3w: Crazy routine to “We Run This”. They totally brought the hype up in the crowd with their amazing b-boy skills and stunts. Loved the move at the end where they had to hold one of the members as if he was going to fall back.  Crazy I tell you!

SoReal Cru: Good and clean performance. Liked how they started it off with the clocks move, but to be honest, I wasn’t wowed by the rest of their performance. Maybe it’s because they danced to a slower beat song – “One Minute Man”. 

Boogie Bots: Performance was okay since there were a few messy spots. I wasn’t wowed by them either, but there’s no doubt these guys can dance. But oh boy, it was harsh hearing what the judges had to say about them. I didn’t even want to watch it. Aackk! But it was obvious these guys were going home after Fanny Pak’s performance.

Of course it was sad to see Boogie Bots go, but they left on a good note when they said their goodbyes!

Voting will be hard next week, but I predict SoReal will go home next week and Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w will be in the Top 2. Are you guys with me on this one or do you think otherwise? I wanna hear what you guys have to say.

MTV has just released the trailer for “The Hills” Season 4 and I truly cannot wait for August 18 to watch the season premiere. Even though the story lines are as fake as Heidi’s and Spencer’s relationship, I will be counting down the days..which is 20 days to be exact.