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Goodbye 2008!


I apologize for the lack of updates as I was super busy this past fall semester with grad school, my graduate assistant job, an internship, PRSSA and yeah, my personal life. But now that I finally have time to update this thing, it is time to say goodbye to 2008! But I must say this […]

We Run This


This past Sunday, Team Casiga, which comprised of my sister, Leilani, my friend, Christine and myself participated in Nike+ Women’s Half Marathon. Although the official race was held in San Francisco, women from all over the country were able to participate in the half as well. Runners receive a finishers t-shirt along with a Tiffany […]

Yeah, I’m like a week and a day overdue about last week’s ABDC Battle for the VMA’s, but with school being back in session and me forgetting to DVR the performance, I hadn’t had time to watch the show especially since didn’t offer the full episode. But I did want to say that even […]

As some of you may know, I am a die hard Britney Spears fan. Yes, some of you may think I’m crazy for still liking her, and I will admit, I did kind of lose faith in the pop star in the past year or so when her life was just going down hill.  But […]

Congratulations to the winners for Season 2 ABDC – SUPER CR3W!! I’m glad they won over SoReal Cru!