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Oops..missed a write up of last week’s ABDC episode. But I’m back again with thoughts on tonight’s episode, “Bring The Beat” challenge. The task for this week’s crews were to incorporate a school subject into their dance using props. And I must say, each group was very creative in how they used their props in […]

Yeah I know ABDC is on Thursday and today is Sunday (the date is wrong on wordpress, it’s still the 6th here in the HI), but I hadn’t had time to write what I thought of this week’s episode since it was 4th of July weekend. But cut to the top 3 faves of […]

Tonight was the premiere for ABDC’s Season 2 and it was super good!! Although I was surprised that Distorted X and Fanny Pack was in the bottom two. What the hell was that? I still think Sass x7 and Xtreme Dance Force do not belong there, so I hope they’ll be in the bottom next […]

*Update* So Stephanie won and I am so glad!! She totally deserved it. Woo hooo!! Poor Richard though that he choked up in the end, but I’m glad that Lisa didn’t win even though her food even seemed good for once. I’m still bitter (as in Dale’s words) that Dale didn’t even make it to […]

Unless you watched the live auditions of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2, you probably wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. Yes, Season 2 is back again and it’s better than ever. Yesterday was the live auditions, in which, 14 groups from all over the US performed in front of the judges – Shane Sparks, […]