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So this past weekend, we celebrated 4th of July at Ala Moana Beach Park. It’s usually a ritual that the group tries to do every year, but since we didn’t get to do it last year due to one the guys, Koa, out on deployment, we were for sure gonna do it this year. We […]

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Being home on the weekends has given me a chance to relax, do homework (unfortunately) as well as catch up on America’s Next Top Model. With that being said, catching up with ANTM doesn’t necessarily give me a chance to do homework especially since they run marathons of the show all day long. It’s so […]

I was reading and stumbled upon this ad about Oahu’s rail project. (click on the photo for a larger view) This ad is super funny!! I personally am not for the rail, but I don’t want to get into in. So enjoy the ad!

Hey everyone! I decided that I should take a stab and start blogging again (remember Xanga?). I figured since I dedicate almost an hour everyday to read them, that I should start blogging too. Some of my fave blogs include pinkisthenewblog, perezhilton, the daily dish, quarterlife cafe and more. See, that’s one of the good […]