We Run This


This past Sunday, Team Casiga, which comprised of my sister, Leilani, my friend, Christine and myself participated in Nike+ Women’s Half Marathon. Although the official race was held in San Francisco, women from all over the country were able to participate in the half as well. Runners receive a finishers t-shirt along with a Tiffany keychain and Nike+ virtual trophy.

We created our own route by running a few times around Waipio park then down to Waikele and around the shopping center, and finally around Christine’s neighborhood. We completed the race in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Being that this is my first time ever running in a half marathon (or even running longer than 3 miiles), I feel so proud of myself for accomplishing such a task. This was such an amazing experience that mentally, it feels that I can conquer anything. Come on, 13 miles with no real training, that is unreal. So I would like to thank Tine and Lan for motivating me to do this race and for being awesome running partners. Can’t wait for the Great Aloha Run!


3 Responses to “We Run This”

  1. 1 Tine

    And people ask why I run….you don’t know the feeling of empowerment you accomplish after a run until you actually go out there and run, am I right???

    Very very very proud of you Marichris…as I am for everything you’ve accomplished and are working hard for in your life!!! YAYE!

  2. Congrats on the run and hope all’s well in the Hawaii Winter Baseball action!

  3. 3 deegah

    Thanks Mark!

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