Too Bummed About Fanny Pak!


Just got done watching the episode along with the rerun of ABDC on MTV and I am too bummed to write a blog about tonight’s show. All I have to say is that Fanny Pak got robbed and they should have been in the top 2! 

But for now, feel free to leave any comments or thoughts on tonight’s episode. Thanks!


5 Responses to “Too Bummed About Fanny Pak!”

  1. I know! I wanted them to win. I actually cried when they went home. They were enough to move me to cry. Haha. But they should have won because they danced the best on the show. But I blame America for not realizing this crews ability.

  2. 2 Edwin

    this is the worst voting since last season KabbaModern! im done with this show.

  3. 3 deegah

    Edwin: Yes, I agree with you. This is TOTALLY the worst voting since Kaba Modern. It makes me sick.

  4. 4 jojo

    If you’re upsed just like me to see Fanny pak leave the competition, sign this petition …. It’s a first move so please sign and talk about this petition to all you’r friends.


  5. 5 deegah

    Jojo: Thanks for the info! Hope it works out. =)

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