Fanny Pak Got Their Freak On!


Fanny Pak totally showed America that they deserved to be in the top 3 by giving their BEST and HOTTEST performance yet!!! There’s no denying that this group killed it tonight!  They even got the first standing O from the judges! Yay for the underdogs! From their crazy outfits and hair to their creative choreography and tricks to the red tape and the red paint! Everything was to the T!  

Super Cr3w: Crazy routine to “We Run This”. They totally brought the hype up in the crowd with their amazing b-boy skills and stunts. Loved the move at the end where they had to hold one of the members as if he was going to fall back.  Crazy I tell you!

SoReal Cru: Good and clean performance. Liked how they started it off with the clocks move, but to be honest, I wasn’t wowed by the rest of their performance. Maybe it’s because they danced to a slower beat song – “One Minute Man”. 

Boogie Bots: Performance was okay since there were a few messy spots. I wasn’t wowed by them either, but there’s no doubt these guys can dance. But oh boy, it was harsh hearing what the judges had to say about them. I didn’t even want to watch it. Aackk! But it was obvious these guys were going home after Fanny Pak’s performance.

Of course it was sad to see Boogie Bots go, but they left on a good note when they said their goodbyes!

Voting will be hard next week, but I predict SoReal will go home next week and Fanny Pak and Super Cr3w will be in the Top 2. Are you guys with me on this one or do you think otherwise? I wanna hear what you guys have to say.


6 Responses to “Fanny Pak Got Their Freak On!”

  1. Loved your post, so I’m including it in this week’s recaps on Blogging America’s Best Dance Crew.

  2. i’m with ya…it’s going to be interesting next week to see how the “voting” affects things.

  3. 3 ANT-DIDDY

    I think the fans (US) made a mistake when we had Supreme Sould and Super Crew in the bottom 2 last week. You can not tell me that So Real Cru is more exciting, creative, or hype than Supreme Soul and although Fanny Pak have a uniqueness I love, thier is sometimes a WOW factor outside of their appearance that is sometimes missing. Dance is about movement and I like their corckyness but dont always love their inability to do technique. I am a performer myself and I appreciate the creativiy but also want to see them be able to step outside thier comfort zone succesfully. But they do belong

  4. 4 deegah

    Ant-Diddy: I agree with you that SS and SC shouldn’t have been in the bottom 2 last week. I bet if SS was to perform last night, their performance would have been way better than BB. Thanks for your comment and it’s cool that you are a performer yourself. =)

  5. 5 janimation

    fanny pak and supper cr3w in the finals hopefully!

  6. Fanny Pak Gets Their Freak On
    By Peter Gonzaga

    Burbank, CA – Looking back at the last episode (Thursday, July 31, 2008) of “Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew,” Fanny Pak definitely wowed Missy Elliott with their challenge of recreating her “Get Ur Freak On” video. All the judges were blown away by Fanny Pak as they stepped up their game and showed that they are a definitely a dance crew to contend with. After their performance, I was able to join in their celebration of their triumphant success of their challenge and sneak in a few questions.

    PG: Hey guys, how’s it going?
    Fanny: Great! (Megan Lawson sticks out her tongue)

    Great tongue action Megan.

    PG: Missy Elliott is creative as anyone can get. How were you guys able to take the creativity of her video and make it a Fanny Pak video?
    Matt Cady: Especially that it was Missy Elliott, we had to push ourselves creatively as we’ve never pushed ourselves before. We listened to the song, got the feel for the song and we got the video that we wanted. It’s very dark. We never went that route before. We haven’t gone that strictly modern almost hip-hop number and that’s where we pulled our inspiration from this video.

    PG: Shane mentioned about the crawling backwards move on the hands and feet. Who came up with that?
    Cara Horibe: That was from “The Exorcist.”

    PG: Did it just come into your mind?
    Cara Horibe: We were all trying to brainstorm and come up the weirdest f**kin blank. The first thing that came into my mind was Exorcist so I was like, “It would’ve been amazing if we came down some staircase.” I think that would have been a little scary and a little short for time.

    PG: With all the moves of this performance, what was the hardest to execute?
    Matt Cady: Glenda’s flips.
    Glenda Morales: Nah, not that.
    Fanny Pak: The tape!
    Phill Collins: You can’t tell if the tape falls off. If you’re sweaty, the tape falls off before you start pulling it off.
    Beau Fournier: Girl, then we got a free wax job. I think some of my hairs were on it. My lips were burning.

    PG: So the whole time with the tape, you had trouble with that?
    Beau Fournier: Well, I learned to tuck my lips to do it. It still hurt.
    Matt Cady: He has a nice mustache and it tugged a little.

    PG: Did you notice Missy Elliott get into your routine? It was like you did your own video and she was awed by it. How did you guys feel about it when she gave you all those props?
    Matt Cady: That’s the best feeling in the world!
    Glenda Morales: It’s Missy Elliott!
    Megan Lawson: It’s an honor because we were definitely excited about that video.

    PG: Imagine if she did a remix of the video and had you guys star in it!
    Fanny Pak: Aargh. Yeah!
    Megan Lawson: I would probably die.
    Phill Collins: Missy Elliott is one of my favorite artists.
    Cara Horibe : If that happened that would be the best thing we got out of this even if we won!

    Check out photos of Fanny Pak at

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