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Congratulations to the winners for Season 2 ABDC – SUPER CR3W!! I’m glad they won over SoReal Cru!  Advertisements

Sorry for the delayed post, but since Fanny Pak isn’t on the show anymore, I am not excited as much for ABDC. But this past episode was the final showdown between H-town’s “SoReal Cru” and Vegas’ “Super Cr3w”. Each group had to come up with three dance routines – around the world challenge, original dance […]

Just got done watching the episode along with the rerun of ABDC on MTV and I am too bummed to write a blog about tonight’s show. All I have to say is that Fanny Pak got robbed and they should have been in the top 2!  But for now, feel free to leave any comments […]

Loves It


With the recent McCain ad comparing Obama with celebrities such as Britney Spears and Paris Hilton on whether or not he can lead the world, Paris Hilton decided to fire back at McCain paid for by Here’s the McCain ad just to refresh your memory… And click here for Paris Hilton’s ad… Kudos to Paris and […]

Fanny Pak totally showed America that they deserved to be in the top 3 by giving their BEST and HOTTEST performance yet!!! There’s no denying that this group killed it tonight!  They even got the first standing O from the judges! Yay for the underdogs! From their crazy outfits and hair to their creative choreography and tricks to the red tape […]