America Needs to Vote Right!


Oops..missed a write up of last week’s ABDC episode. But I’m back again with thoughts on tonight’s episode, “Bring The Beat” challenge. The task for this week’s crews were to incorporate a school subject into their dance using props. And I must say, each group was very creative in how they used their props in their routine. 

Here are my thoughts on each crew: 

  • Fanny Pak: Always creative. Kinda confusing at first with all the chaos, but had to watch it twice to  be wowed by their performance. 
  • SoReal Cru: Very smooth. Not gonna lie, their routine was good, but it seems as if they always do the same “SoReal” signature dance moves. 
  • Boogie Bots: Liked how they incorporated the water bottles, but like what Lil Mama said, they don’t excite me. I think their best performance was to Lil Flip’s “Game Over” song. 
  • Super Cr3w: Best performance of the night! Kept me excited! Awesome tricks and bboy moves. 
  • Supreme Soul: Also good performance too! Liked how they tied fighting and hockey together. I still think their “Party Like A Rockstar” performance was the best though.
But anyway, down to the nitty gritty, can’t believe Super Cr3w and Supreme Soul was in the bottom two. I mean, Supreme Soul hasn’t really been my favorite crew, but I honestly would think they would have made it to the finals and at least beat Boogie Bots (is it just me or is Boogie Bots the Status Quo for this season).
And I must say, seeing these two crews in the bottom and getting all emotional made me sad! And I wouldn’t think these are the type of guys to cry. You could really see it in their eyes how much dancing means to them. Click on the link to see what Supreme Soul has to say about their elimination. 

Anyway, America needs to vote right! So I wanna hear what you guys think on the bottom crews tonight and if another crew (including Fanny Pak, SoReal & Boogie Bots) should’ve been sent home. 

P.S. Hope you guys voted! I did!


7 Responses to “America Needs to Vote Right!”

  1. 1 leilani

    sad story for my boys =(

    boogie bots bother me, and they sooo should’ve gone home!!!
    and that clip of SS was real sad. I hope BB goes bye bye

  2. i definitely appreciate the emotion those guys showed. i think it’s cool because it just shows how passionate they are about what they do…

  3. 3 audrey

    Yes boogie bots should go home…SS was very creative with their last performance and its sad to see them go…especially my funny guy that can’t glide…it was really dirty the Lil Mama sad that boogie bots don’t excite me but SS and super crew does…okay that all…i just hope that the final 3 is Fanny pak, Super crew, and so real crew…

  4. 4 Susan

    fanny pak go home..they should have been next to go right after the cheerleader ‘crew’

  5. 5 sunny

    super crew and supreme soul deserved to be in the bottom two. they have bee in the bottom two before for one reason, America did not get excited about their performance. Even young kids who love hip hop dancing do not get excited with those old junkyard tricks. Supercrew needs to study real well what they are going to present america next thursday. If it is going to be another one of those tricks seen in circus which America do not care about, they will be in the bottom and possibly will get voted out. My guess for this thursday, Soreal and Fanny Pak in the bottom 2!

  6. 6 deegah

    thanks Susan and Sunny for your guys comments!! =D

  7. 7 Meena

    Dude Sunny you’re retarded.. Don’t even blame america.. I’m sure that everyone knows that this is all Randy Jackson here.. It’s got nothing to do with America.. Our votes don’t even matter.. Otherwise, Supreme Soul would of taken this. With as many fans as they had voting for them, no other crew on season 2 could of topped it. ABDC is just rigged.. And we all know it now.. Everyone reading this, all the crews, the judges, everyone on & watching ABDC knows deep in there hearts that the REAL America’s Best Dance Crew title belongs to Supreme Soul.. Cause if they were to go up against any crew on season two.. They would MURDER.. Just like how they did to SuperCrew (the only other crew thats actually got skills) .. So, if you think SuperCrew is good (which they are).. Supreme Soul is even better.. I agree with everyone that Supreme Soul should of never been eliminated but wth… It’s MTV & ABDC’s lost.. 100k ain’t much.. Supreme Soul can do sooooo much more then that without MTV.. I guarantee it.

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