The Sleeper Crew is Still In


My favorite, Fanny Pak totally killed it tonight with the speed up challenge. Their theme was ’80s prom to Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body”. Here is the episode clip:

I totally loved their performance!!! Fanny Pak all the way!!!

But besides Fanny Pak, here’s what I thought about the other crews…

Boogie Bots: Good performance, very fast paced, but a little messy in the end.

Super Cr3w: They had a little more choreography, but it wasn’t as good as last week’s. Still loved how they danced to Santogold though. My fave album at the moment.

SoReal Cru: Liked how they danced to Chris Brown’s “With You”, especially since it was a slow song. The girls danced very sexy, but not slutty. Filipinos wearing purple again!!

ASSID: I thought they were going to be in the bottom this week, since last week’s performance wasn’t that great. But their dance was interesting since the girls incorporated ballet. Although I couldn’t tell they were cops till the end.

Supreme Soul: Can’t believe they were in the bottom two. I thought their “Elevator” performance last week was good. But I agree with Shane Sparks that this week’s performance to “Party Like a Rockstar” was their best performance. Were there skeleton masks mocking Jabba?

Phresh Select: I wasn’t surprised that they were in the bottom again since their past performances haven’t been consistent. Tonight’s performance wasn’t as strong as SS, so it was their time to go. Kinda sad they their crew went since I thought Blao Song was such a cutie.

So tell me what you guys think of this week’s performance. I wanna hear what you guys have to say.


2 Responses to “The Sleeper Crew is Still In”

  1. Fanny Pak and ASIID killed it…or as lil’ mama would say “kilt it” (shoot her, please!)

    but nobody else was GREAT. kinda *shrug* “ehh”

    soreal, fanny pak and supercrew still my top 3, but not in that order.

    i have called it every week though!

  2. 2 deegah

    Yes you did!!! =D

    Yeah..I was kinda bummed that the other crews were “ehh” as well.

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