Bye Bye to Xtreme Dance Force!


Yeah I know ABDC is on Thursday and today is Sunday (the date is wrong on wordpress, it’s still the 6th here in the HI), but I hadn’t had time to write what I thought of this week’s episode since it was 4th of July weekend.

But cut to the top 3 faves of the night were Super Cr3w, So Real Cru and Fanny Pak. Although Super Cr3w had lots of tricks instead of choreography, I thought they still killed it Jim Jones’ song, “We Fly High”. From the air flairs to the two story jump to the “making it rain” moment to the helicopter at the end. I thought their performance was bad ass no matter what anyone says. So Real Cru also did an amazing performance with R. Kelly’s “Snake”. You know they’re filipino cuz they wear purple. Hahaha. No doubt these two crews will be in the Top 3. My other favorite Fanny Pak, also had an awesome performance to Britney Spears’ “Toy Soldier.” Their dance is so original and intricate that they are just so fun to watch!!!

I also liked Boogie Bots, Supreme Soul and Phresh Select’s performance. Can’t believe that Phresh was on the bottom though. ASSID did not stand out to me this time. Their dance was mediocre and even a little messy. And yes oh yes, XDF finally went home. Although I kind of felt a little sorry for them since their performance was messy and the song that MTV gave them, was junk as well. I didn’t even know what song that was, so it’s kind of hard dancing to a song that no one knows really. It was also kind of sad too when I watched the episode where the crews give their feedback on their performance and J.C from XDF was saying it was hard to dance in front of an audience where you don’t have any fans. Yeah..I thought that was kind of sad.

But anyway, I’m glad they went home. Not sure who will be in the bottom two next week, I’m guessing ASSID since their performance was “eehh”. Not sure who the other crew will be. But let me hear what you think. Who were your favorites and who do you think will go home next week? Unfortunately I didn’t vote since I was camping, but I would have totally voted for my top 3.


One Response to “Bye Bye to Xtreme Dance Force!”

  1. 1 leilani

    Dude, this blog was kinda long. And I did read it from start to finish. Lucky I have a laptop so I can read in bed nowadays =)

    Anywho, go SuperCr3w and So Real

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