my favorites


I am a big animal lover especially with cats and dogs (although i love cats a little bit more) that I just wanted to post up some random pics of my cat, Keiko and Janice’s (Norman’s sister) dogs, Layla and Louie. I love these keeds!!!


3 Responses to “my favorites”

  1. 1 tine

    hehehe I love cats and dogs (although, I love doggies a little bit more). You should come visit Nohea and Nani…Bear Fuzz’ old age is getting to him =(. I swear it seems like our home is hospice for pets that owners no longer want to care for =( *tear* (okay, i was being mean when I said ‘no longer’ I meant – have no means to care for) Some things is just out of our hands.

  2. 2 mnm410

    plz visit my blog at


  3. 3 leilani

    Wow, people actually read these blogs about cats and dogs.

    You know why, b/c of the Kiki, the Layla, and Loulou.

    Thats all

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