Yay for Fanny Pak!!!


Tonight was the premiere for ABDC’s Season 2 and it was super good!! Although I was surprised that Distorted X and Fanny Pack was in the bottom two. What the hell was that? I still think Sass x7 and Xtreme Dance Force do not belong there, so I hope they’ll be in the bottom next week. BTW, I love how Shane Sparks put them on blast!! Again, we don’t need to see cheerleaders and whacked dancers on the show.

But anyway, before I get down to the bottom two, my fave dance crew of the night was ASSID. Their performance was bad azz especially when the girls did that dog move. That move was super hott!! I wasn’t too wowed by the other groups as much. I mean they were pretty good, but it wasn’t as good as ASSID. As least what I think.

So about the bottom two, I can’t believe Distorted X and Fanny Pak were voted the least. As what Shane Sparks says, America needs to know who to vote for and they definitely shouldn’t have been the bottom two. I think their performances along with ASSID’s were the best. And as much as I think Distorted X’s group performance was super good, I will have to give it to Fanny Pak especially since their dance is so different from the others and it’s original as what Jessiye commented in my other blog. Plus, Cara is a Hawaii girl *gotta represent* and I heard a rumor that I look like her too. Haha. No joke! My boyfriend and his family even said that too. LOL! But it’s cool cuz she’s super cute. Wish I could dance like her though. =P

But anyway, I wanna hear what you guys have to say. Who was your favorite and least favorite crew? Feel free to comment..till then..I’m gonna go vote!! And you should too!


4 Responses to “Yay for Fanny Pak!!!”

  1. great show, huh? check out my reviews all season for photos and video

  2. ASSID and Fanny Pack just killed it and i think that those 2 are going 2 make it real far in this competition……… If they stay true to who they are & their style. Supreme soul looked like a bunch of crack heads just making fun of the show, EDF looked like a bunch of nervous white guys trying to “get loose”, and super crew was good but i couldn’t focus on their dancing cause their outfits were whack!

  3. 3 deegah

    Thanks for your comments guys!!! Can’t wait for tonight’s episode.

  4. hahah…just found your blog. guess we think alike. see you at yanagi next time.

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