Hands Up, Utensils Down!



So Stephanie won and I am so glad!! She totally deserved it. Woo hooo!! Poor Richard though that he choked up in the end, but I’m glad that Lisa didn’t win even though her food even seemed good for once.

I’m still bitter (as in Dale’s words) that Dale didn’t even make it to the final 4. He was such a good chef and I really wished he made it. Oh well…maybe we can visit his restaurant in NYC later in the future. Hahaha.


Tonight is the season finale for the Top Chef Season 4 and I am hoping that Lisa doesn’t win because she doesn’t deserve to be there!!!

Anyway, will post more details after Norman and I watch the finale. Go Steph!!


2 Responses to “Hands Up, Utensils Down!”

  1. 1 Leilani

    I know who won because I googled it!!!

  2. 2 tine

    I watched it and I was so happy! Stephanie deserved it – she was the most balanced from all of them!!!

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