So Real, Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul


Unless you watched the live auditions of America’s Best Dance Crew Season 2, you probably wouldn’t know what I’m talking about. Yes, Season 2 is back again and it’s better than ever. Yesterday was the live auditions, in which, 14 groups from all over the US performed in front of the judges – Shane Sparks, Lil’ Mama and JC and a live audience and only 10 crews were chosen.

I must say, the West Coast crews were the best compared to the others and I really wanted all four to make it – Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak, Supreme Soul and Team Millennia. But unfortunately, TM had to go and I was super bummed because they were super good. What was also surprising was that many of the groups had Asians in them, especially FILIPINOS!! Woo hoo!! PINOYS REPRESENT!! Hahaha. No, but seriously, it’s sooooo cool to see them on stage representing. Makes me so proud to be a filipino. Too bad I don’t have the talent to sing and dance though. Hahaha.

But anyway, since TM didn’t make it to the next round, I’m putting my money down on So Real and Supreme Soul. So Real totally reminds me of Kaba and Supreme Soul reminds me of Jabba, well, they were or are rivals of one another. So I wouldn’t be surprised if these groups make it to the final 2. I’m also feeling Fanny Pack and Boogie Bots. The ones that I’m not feeling is Sass x7 and Xtreme Dance Force. Yeah, the cheerleaders and boy band needs to go.

So June 19th is ABDC’s Season 2 Premiere! I can’t wait to stay home on Thursday nights again and see who will make it. Hahaha. Maybe they might bring TM back. *Cross fingers*


6 Responses to “So Real, Fanny Pak and Supreme Soul”

  1. 1 giz

    YEAH filipinos!!!!!…. i’m hoping that so real cru makes it all the way!

  2. 2 deegah

    i totally agree with you!!! FILIPINOS all the way!

  3. 3 Jessiye

    They are not looking for people like Jabba. FANNY PACK IS GOING TO WINN 😀 They are amazing and orginal. && Deff my favorite.

  4. 4 deegah

    I love Fanny Pack too!!! And I agree. No Jabba repeats.

  5. 5 sabrina

    filipino pride ! (:
    my favorites are so real cru and supreme soul, and yes, they definitely remind me of kabba modern and jabawockeez ❤

    do you think you could name all the filipino’s in any of the groups ? i have a hard time figuring out if some of them are filipino, or viet, or what ? haha .

  6. 6 deegah

    Haha. I know right. I looked at all of the dance crew bios and although I will not name all the filipino members (too much), I think the group that doesn’t have any filipinos are Phresh Select (the guy who looks filipino is I think Chinese, Lao, or Viet???) and ASSID. FILIPINO PRIDE!! =D

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