Countdown to Sex


Every Thursday in May, Pearl Ultralounge hosts “Countdown to Sex”, which is a countdown to the release of the Sex and the City movie. Attendees can enjoy cocktails named after the SATC characters, watch episodes of the hit series and win fabulous prizes.

Inside Pearl Prizes

So of course, Leilani, Audrey and myself wanted to check it out because we’ll do anything that has to do with SATC. We also brought some boys with us, Koa and PJ because we know deep down inside they love the show as well. Haha..j/k!

The event started at 8 pm, but we got there a little early for happy hour. Here are some photos of what we ate:

Ahi poke Sangria Passion w/American Kobe and fries

Can’t forget about the drinks as well:

Koa drinking Mr. Big Drinking Carrie Drinking Miranda, Samantha & Carrie

There’s also the “Sex and the Shoe Content”, which anyone can enter. All you have to do is walk on the bar and model the sandals you’re wearing. Also, to keep the focus on your feet, you must hold an umbrella to cover your face, so that the judges will only judge on your shoes. All participants get a prize and the winners receive tickets to the movie and even a pair of Manolo Blahniks. So with that being said, I signed up for the contest.

Some of the questions asked who my favorite shoe designer was (DIESEL & Nine West), hobbies (shopping, etc) and the SATC character I relate to the most (Miranda, because I tend to be realistic and sarcastic at times).

The contest started at 9 and dun dun dun..I was kinda nervous. Let’s see how much I learned from watching ANTM. LOL!

Haha. The walk was like 30 sec. Really quick! But thank god I had my wonderful friends to cheer me on. Thaannks guys!!! Afterwards, they announced the winners (I didn’t win, but it’s okay, we all got prizes anyway) and that was it.

Hamming it up! The Shoe contest contestantsMy prize!

We also got SATC shoe coasters and candy grab bags.

And here are more photos of my beautiful friends and sister:

Next week, Lan and Audrey will be doing the shoe contest as well. So stay tuned!!!


2 Responses to “Countdown to Sex”

  1. 1 Leilani

    Wow, good job on walking and entering the contest!

    Much prop-izzle to you homie!! Drinks and food were good, but only during happy hour (for the food).

    Idk about entering next week. Maybe I should buy those black Diesel pumps and where them, then I’ll enter. I think those look like winners!

  2. 2 nick

    mwNJ8t hi! hice site!

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