Excited is Like a Flip-flop to a High Heel


My favorite ladies are coming to town on May 30th!!!

Yes..Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha – the infamous ladies from “Sex and the City”! This long awaited reunion comes four years after the series wrapped up in 2004. And throughout the four years, there have been many talks of doing a reunion movie and finally, FINALLY, it has happened and we are now 27 days till the movie premieres. Aaahh!! You don’t even know how excited I am!!

Here is a picture of the SATC ladies from the Oprah show that aired on May 1.

I am such a big fan of the show..so big that when the sister and I visited NYC last year, we went on the SATC tour. Yes, a tour with other SATC fans. The tour was about three hours long and we visited all of the sites and locations that the show filmed at. For all you SATC fans, we did stops at the shop where Charlotte purchased her rabbit from; Carrie’s apt; Scout, the bar that Steve and Aidan owned (got to drink the famous cosmos); the children’s park where Miranda takes Brady out to play and where she bumps into Steve and his new girl; Magnolia Bakery, where Carrie and Miranda eats those yummy cupcakes (we got to try one) and finally, the Plaza, where Carrie gives Big the line from “The Way We Were”.

Here are some pictures from the tour:

The Pleasure Chest Knocking on Carrie\'s door Another one on her doorstep Outside Oniel\'s Cosmos at Scout/Oniel\'s Fountain by The Plaza

And to end this blog..here is the trailer for the SATC movie..

I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait!!!!!


3 Responses to “Excited is Like a Flip-flop to a High Heel”

  1. 1 Leilani

    who is “the sister”

    *oprah’s voice* MAY 30TH!!!
    good times with my girls in nyc… and you too =)

  2. 2 audrey

    woohoo. I can’t wait either…i’m so excited…on friday night i was really bored and decided to watch satc on hbo on demand since the dvds are at my moms house…anyways i was very sad and mad that the system was down and is not going to be back up until tue. I found that out by calling oceanic and staying on the line for about 20 minutes just to watch satc…only to be disappointed by the bad news…hehe…i love sex and the city

  3. 3 tine

    I miss new york!

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