The Other Love in His Life


Being with my boyfriend Norman for 3 years has taught me a lot of things. Love, friendship, patience and more. But one of the greatest things this relationship has taught me was Norman’s love for fishes. Yes, fishes! Norman used to work at a pet store while in high school and that’s when his obsession, I mean, love for fishes began. Some of his favorite fishes include the silver arowana, flower horn, frontosa and clown knife.

Before meeting Norman, I knew nothing about fishes. Well, besides the ones that I used to eat. Hahaha. But now, I could say I have a decent knowledge of them. But anyway, cut to the main chase, Norman goes through these fish phases every once in a while, in which, he buys a ton of fishes and sets up numerous tanks in the house. Usually this happens when a fish of his dies or he gets bored and wants to raise a different one.

Just a few months ago, Bruce, his silver arowana of 2 years, died of a bacterial infection he caught from the tank. Pretty sad story since I bought Bruce as a gift to Norman for getting into the Nursing program at HPU. They say that silver arowanas bring good luck, but unfortunately, Bruce’s life was cut short.

Bruce at almost 2ft.

So this past Saturday, Norman and I went to the pet store down in Ward and he decides to go fish crazy once again. He bought 4 baby silver arowanas, 2 baby frontosas, and 1 baby pleco. Mind you, in the past two weeks, Norman bought 2 other baby frontosas, 1 baby flower horn and 1 jardini. In total, Norman has 17 fishes in four of his tanks.

But anyway, long story short, as soon as Norman put the fishes in his 55 gallon tank, he realized that the 4 arowanas weren’t getting along with one another. So what did Norman do…

He sets up more tanks in his room so that all the arowanas can live in peace.

One of the four arowanas.

Also, can’t forget about his 125 gallon tank in the living room.

Now do you believe Norman loves loves loves fishes.


5 Responses to “The Other Love in His Life”

  1. 1 Leilani

    you are weird!

    one word: fishes?

    another word: obsessed!!!

  2. 2 abi

    i wont be surprised if he left you for a fish. =D

  3. 3 Norman

    Hahaha…..funny…one word: passion….and yes abi….my heart is swimming with the fishes….

  4. 4 abi

    then you guys can name your first kid…jardini. or maybe arrowana. or maybe NEMO!!

  5. 5 audrey

    yes norman has an obsession…your bf is influencing koa cuase since i get to have a fish tank koa wants one on his own too now…he gets all excited becuase of their many trips to the pet store…hehe

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