Go Jabbawockeez!


It’s down to the three groups on America’s Best Dance Crew – Kaba Modern, Jabbawockeez and Status Quo!

I for one, want the Jabbawockeez to win! They’re dance moves are AMAZING!! Or as what Shane Sparks would say, “smashin”! Also three of the members are FILIPINO – Rynan, Phil and Chris! Gotta represent my people yo! Hahaha. But seriously, it really is awesome to see more diversity on the television, especially when they represent your ethinicity. So cheers to them and Ramiele Malubay on American Idol (who is such a cutie by the way).

So can’t wait to see the Jabbawockeez tonight at 10 pm on MTV. It’s so exciting to see their performances. I swear! I’ve become such a big fan that I can watch their performances over and over again. Below is the video from the “Thriller” episode, and it’s one of my favorite performances. So enjoy the vid!


2 Responses to “Go Jabbawockeez!”

  1. 1 Leilani

    When is the next blog? Can’t wait to read what a day in the life of a deegah is all about

  2. You should really update this thing. 🙂

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