Goodbye 2008!


I apologize for the lack of updates as I was super busy this past fall semester with grad school, my graduate assistant job, an internship, PRSSA and yeah, my personal life. But now that I finally have time to update this thing, it is time to say goodbye to 2008!

But I must say this year has gone by really quick. There was a new baby in the family (Norman’s nephew, Jett), new puppy (Norman and I got an english bulldog – Bruno, thanks to Janice and Rodney), new internship (I got an awesome internship at a PR firm here in Honolulu) and also, the ending of an era, well not really an era, but my role as Chapter President for UH Manoa PRSSA (I’ve been the President for 2 years).

Lots of wonderful experiences has happened this year and I am looking forward to 2009 as Norman will be graduating from Nursing school in January and I will be graduating from grad school in May. My sister will possibly be moving to NYC and my parents will finally be able to visit the Philippines after so many years.

And to start off the New Year with a bang besides popping fireworks tonight and eating lots of delicious food, Norman and I will be going to the Fanny Pak show this Saturday, Jan. 3 at Neil Blaisdell Concert Hall. Yes, I got front row tickets to see my favorite dance group, so I will be definitely posting up pictures from the show. SoReal Cru will also be performing with them as well. Ne-Yo will be having a concert on the 5th, and I am debating if I still want to go, but we’ll see.

Anyway, happy new year to all of you and be safe!


We Run This


This past Sunday, Team Casiga, which comprised of my sister, Leilani, my friend, Christine and myself participated in Nike+ Women’s Half Marathon. Although the official race was held in San Francisco, women from all over the country were able to participate in the half as well. Runners receive a finishers t-shirt along with a Tiffany keychain and Nike+ virtual trophy.

We created our own route by running a few times around Waipio park then down to Waikele and around the shopping center, and finally around Christine’s neighborhood. We completed the race in about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Being that this is my first time ever running in a half marathon (or even running longer than 3 miiles), I feel so proud of myself for accomplishing such a task. This was such an amazing experience that mentally, it feels that I can conquer anything. Come on, 13 miles with no real training, that is unreal. So I would like to thank Tine and Lan for motivating me to do this race and for being awesome running partners. Can’t wait for the Great Aloha Run!

Yeah, I’m like a week and a day overdue about last week’s ABDC Battle for the VMA’s, but with school being back in session and me forgetting to DVR the performance, I hadn’t had time to watch the show especially since didn’t offer the full episode. But I did want to say that even though I didn’t see the show, I did vote for my Fanny Pak last Saturday for like 30 min. straight before voting closed and I am glad that they made it to the VMA’s along with Kaba Modern. Yipee! 

And besides me being excited for Britney Spears opening, I am also excited to see Fanny Pak as well. I loved loved loved their performance to “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls. Thanks to, I was able to catch up with the other crews’ performances as well. Besides Fanny Pak’s performance, I loved Kaba’s one too. So congrats to both crews for making it to the VMA’s. 

Here is Fanny Pak’s “When I Grow Up” performance: 

Kaba Modern’s “4 Minutes” performance: 

As some of you may know, I am a die hard Britney Spears fan. Yes, some of you may think I’m crazy for still liking her, and I will admit, I did kind of lose faith in the pop star in the past year or so when her life was just going down hill. 

But tonight she will be back at this year’s VMA’s and although she won’t be performing, she will be kicking off the show. I knew it all along that she would be having a comeback to top last year’s horrible VMA’s performance. Yeah, I know, it made me cringe too! So I am hoping tonight will be the night to show everyone that she’s back and is better than ever. So here’s a link to “Pieces of Me: Britney’s Best VMA Moments”. It brought me back so much memories. =)

Congratulations to the winners for Season 2 ABDC – SUPER CR3W!!

I’m glad they won over SoReal Cru!